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Effect of sugar on kids

Hello all!

A and I have always been in favour of making the food naturally sweet maybe with the fruits, natural sweetners etc, specially when it comes to kids.

We have always heard about not giving too much sugar to kids and we have been trying to implement that in our kids’ diet too but off late, when my little one is growing up and has started showing signs of a sweet tooth, some questions started to pop up in my mind like, “how much sugar is enough?“, “What effects does sugar really have on the kids?“, “Am I being a bad mother when I try to reduce the sugar intake of my lo?” and hence the post!

I did my research and was shocked to see the effects of excessive sugar intake on kids.

How does sugar effect kids

While tooth decay and obesity came as no surprise, I did not know that sugar somehow effects the immunity as well.

Weakened Immunity: how??

When kids consume too much sugar, the balance between good and bad bacteria is altered which weakens their immunity system which in turn results in frequent colds, cough and allergies.
When you reduce the amount of sugar,  your children may still get the colds and cough but the symptoms may be reduced over time.

How much sugar is enough?

Sugar intake

The real question: How to cut down?

How to cut down sugar

  • Try to cut down slowly. I started adding a teaspoon of sugar to my lo’s milk which was reduced to 3/4th spoon in a week, 1/2 in the consecutive week and subsequently, to no sugar today.
  • Try and go for whole fruits rather than juice as whole fruit has fibre which helps in toning down the effect of sugar hit on the body.
  • Look for ingredients on the pack, food items with high sugar content: concentrated fruit juice, fructose, golden syrup, inverted sugar syrup, molasses, and sucrose
  • Try and go for savoury snacks like veg sticks, beetroot hummus, homemade idlis whole fruits etc.

Please note that no change is going to show instantly, it takes time when you try and be consistent about it; it’s worth it!

Sugar quotes

Eat healthy, stay healthy!





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17 thoughts on “Effect of sugar on kids

    1. Most of the kids have sweet tooth and when I switched my lo from breastfeed to cow’s milk, she wouldn’t take it..so I had to start adding little sugar for her to like it first!

  1. This was so helpful! It’s not just on kids though, my dad just told me his numbers all came back normal from being too high a month ago just from cutting out sugar and white flours. Now he doesn’t have to go on meds! You would think they would just ban these ingredients instead of the temptations with all the known facts.

    1. Yeah! That’s what one would think of instead of packing almost everything like juices, cereals etc with more and more of it!!

  2. Consumption of sugar is a huge conversation I have been having with my kids lately. We are working together on a plan to decrease their consumption and so far they are thrilled to be a part of the solution.

  3. I never thought it affects kids’ immune system. However, anything that is over is not good. I think letting them use to consuming natural sweets like honey would be better.

  4. Wow… just saw the table you shared above… for teens the recommended intake of sugar is 5-8 spoons.. isn’t that a lot? Really great insight on this blog. Something to really understand and act upon.

    1. This is the info shared through AIA standards and although we don’t count it but juices, some energy drinks also add up to our sugar intake.
      Thank you for appreceiation 🙂

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