All You Need to Know About BB/CC/EE Creams

With the zillion brands selling different kinds of creams, it becomes hard to decide what our skin actually needs. There are so many different formulas used in different kind of face creams which might make a little confusing as what would suit our skin. If this sounds anything like you, we have you covered.

In this post, we have targeted the double letter creams gaining popularity these days – BB cream, CC cream and EE cream.  All these creams work great for our skin and are beneficial in one way or the other. Each of these differ in the formula based in their making and hence, they cater to different skin concerns. To choose one for yourself, you may have to try out different products but we will help you understand the basic difference in each of them.

Few brands have more specific double letter creams like Julep’s DD (daily defense) cream and Keihl’s FF (facial fuel) cream, these creams are only limited to a couple of brands and are essentially extra features on top of basic BB/CC cream formulas.

Lets dig a little deeper into each of these creams and decode what they are there for.

Beauty Balm OR BB Cream

The first in the alphabet creams series is BB cream and probably the most popular one. Unlike its name, it is actually a makeup product rather than skin care. A BB cream basically is a moisturizer, foundation, primer and sunscreen in a single package. Having said that, it is to be noted that it is a light light moisturizer, light coverage foundation, light primer and enough amount of sunscreen. It has a thick consistency than a normal foundation.

To sum up:

  • It is well suited for normal to dry skin type. Use a light layer of moisturizer underneath for very dry skin.
  • Perfect for daily wear, casual makeup and occasions where light natural make up is required.
  • The amount of SPF is high so you can totally skip that step when using BB creams.


  • A good option for a daily wear makeup where light and natural look is needed.
  • Skip multiple steps of moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunscreen.
  • Apply easily and most of them are non-comedogenic (do not clog pores)


  • Shade options are limited and not as vast as available for foundations
  • Generally not suited for oily skin types

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Color Correcting OR CC Cream

Second in line comes CC cream which, as the names says, claims to have color correcting properties or providing extra brightening and blemish hiding properties. To achieve this goal, they come with an extra amount of Vitamin C than BB creams. Although, on usage, they seem to be working similar to BB creams except they are lighter and less dense than them. Being on a lighter side, they are well suited for oily skin types. CC creams also possess anti-aging properties and hence are good for mature skin too.

To sum up:

  • Well suited for oily and mature skin. For dry skin, a layer of moisturizer underneath will do the job.
  • Lighter texture, easy to apply.
  • Include primer and foundation in a single product.


  • Cater to a wide range of skin types.
  • Comes with anti-aging and brightening properties.
  • Good for daily wear makeup.


  • Apart from  having anti aging properties, there are pretty much the same as BB creams.

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Extra Exfoliating OR EE Creams

These are comparatively less popular than BB/CC creams and fewer companies indulge in their making. Unlike other already discussed creams, these are indeed a skin care item used for their exfoliating properties. Literally speaking, EE cream is just a fancy name for scrubs which we use on our face and body with addition of clay and bamboo extracts. These work beautifully for all skin types and help removing the dead skin sitting on top of our face.


  • Works for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • Effectively removes dead skin and hydrates the skin

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In a nutshell, we now know that all these creams are more or less the same with few different target solutions. We hope you found this post helpful in deciding which one you’d want for yourself!

Stay Beautiful!


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13 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About BB/CC/EE Creams

  1. I am always wondering the differences between these creams! Unfortunately they’re always in such tiny bottles that don’t explain a whole lot! Thanks for these, now I know what to look for and what works for me!

  2. I did not know there were EE, DD, and FF creams. I only knew of BB and CC. With that said, I love my BB cream. I honestly did not know BB cream contained SPF. I might have missed it on mine! After reading the differences between all of them I will invest in a CC cream as well. Both the BB and CC creams have a lot of pros! Thanks for this well informed make up post!

  3. I didn’t know all this information. So good! I own some of each and have my favorite brands, like many of us do. It’s always good to know everything possible about the creams and products we purchase.

  4. I used to use BB creams. Its definitely better in the summer to use as foundation can melt your face and BB cream is so much lighter.

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