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Say Bye to Sun Tan, Hello Summers!

Summers simply mean beach vacations, outings and weekend getaways. While all this sounds a whole lot of fun, it also comes along with layers of sun tan. Some of us rather enjoy that sun kissed look and adore their tanned look while others cannot wait to get rid of the tan and come back to the normal skin. If the latter sounds like you, you have just landed on the right page. Besties bring you their favorite tips and products to deal with tanned skin.

Skin tanning happens when skin comes in contact with sun’s ultraviolet rays for an extended duration. This exposure may be good for getting yourself a good dose of Vitamin D but apart from tanning it can also cause sun burns and skin irritation. Sun tan can be removed using various methods but it is a patient process. Depending upon intensity of the tan, it may take a couple of weeks or may be more to completely get over with it.

To start with,  here are few tips which can help your skin stay protected under the sun:

Pre-Vacation Tips

  • Sunscreen Lotion – It cannot be stressed enough how important sunscreen is, not just for vacations, but for daily skincare routine as well. It helps us protect from harmful UV rays which can be cancer causing in the long run. You want to choose a sunscreen which has SPF (1 SPF = 10 minutes protection) as per your daily exposure to sun and which is a broad spectrum cream.
  • Shades and Hats – wearing shades helps you tackle the glare and direct rays coming to your eyes while a hat helps saving your face from tan, sweat and heat.

DIYs for removing Sun Tan

V and I swear by home remedies for most of our routine concerns and hence have a huge list of DIYs tried and tested for you.

  • Curd + Lemon – Just mix these in 2:1 ratio and apply on affected parts. Keep on for 20-25 minutes and rinse off. You can also use tomato pulp instead of lemon juice.
  • Raw Milk + Salt – This is one of my holy grail DIY. Mix 3-4 tbsp of raw milk with a tsp of salt and apply on face. Wait till it dries up and remove by rubbing your fingers all over your face in gentle circular motions. You will see tan/dirt coming off right away. For best results, do this first thing in the morning.
  • Turmeric + Chickpea Flour + Lemon Juice – This is probably the most known DIY for sun tan removal. Make a paste with lemon juice and chickpea flour with a pinch of turmeric and apply on affected area. Rinse once it dries up.
  • Baking Soda + Lemon Juice + Coconut Oil – Exfoliating skin helps a great deal in removing sun tan. Prepare a mix with a tbsp of baking soda, a tbsp of lemon juice and a tsp of coconut oil. Apply all over your face and exfoliate for good 4-5 minutes. Leave on for a minute and rinse off with warm water.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe vera helps soothe burnt or irritated skin. Apply aloe vera every night wherever there is irritation/redness/rash/burn.
  • Lip Scrub – Lip scrub can be very useful for removing tan from lips and restoring their pink, plump and hydrated look. For DIY on lip scrub, check out our post for very effective recipe – DIY Lip Scrub.

For quick solution, you can also try tan removal products.

For more skincare DIYs, check our posts – Indulge in Night MasksHomemade Face MasksDIY Makeup Remover10 Uses of Coconut Oil.

We hope these tips will come to your rescue. If you do try them, we would love to know how you liked them.

Stay Hydrated, Happy Summers!



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24 thoughts on “Say Bye to Sun Tan, Hello Summers!

    1. We recommend home remedies for tan removal. If you must use store bought, you can choose between boutique papaya scrub, Angtatva dtan scrub and aroma magic milk pack. They all work beautifully for removing tan. Hope this helps😊

  1. These are some great tips.. I you are living In India you really know hoe much you tan in every day to day life… I would definitely try this 🙂 I hope it works for me

  2. This is such a great post and very informative. Loved the idea and agree with everything. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  3. Thank you for the tips! We do not get out as often as we would like (two wheelchairs) so when we do the sun really gets to my son. Bookmarking this page for future reference!

  4. I had no idea that exfoliating my skin helps a great deal in removing a sun tan. I would have loved to have had your tips while on vacation recently and after returning with a sunburn.

  5. Great suggestions. I always wear a hat outside and use lots of sunscreen (minimum of 50 spf, 100 spf on my face) but really like looking tanned in the summer. Recently I have read a lot about people getting rid of their tans. I had no idea it was possible.

  6. A lot of Caucasians I know would love to have a tan skin while a lot of Asians I know love to have a white skin. Preferences indeed differ from person to person. But what you have here are nice tips to consider.

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