DIY decorative jars

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Ever felt the need to reuse those old jars in the kitchen in a different way or to store the cotton balls, brushes etc in your dressing in a more sophisticated, fun way?!
Well, this post at bestiesnotepad focuses on do-it-yourself decorative jars/boxes which can be made very easily at home in your choice of colors, accessories using simple things from our daily life.


Things you will need

Things you need

  • Glass Jar/wooden box
  • Wool
  • White Glue
  • scissors
  • bows, ribbons for decoration


  1. Take the wooden box/jar and add some glue using a brush. I suggest painting one fourth first as glue dries fast.20170508_204858
  2. Starting with one end, start pasting wool real tight around the edges or round and round in a jar.
  3. End in the same side you started. This one is a bit tricky as the wool might come off of the edge, so have to paste the end strongly.
  4. Add the bow/ribbon/lace using a double tape and voila! you have your decorated jar.Wooden box




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32 thoughts on “DIY decorative jars

  1. Those DIY decorative jars are so cute! I need to get back into the DIY swing of things. It’s so much fun to be creative.

  2. It looks so cute, I am from India and looking for some cute DIY gifts for my brothers. Thank you for the suggestions will try out to make something good.

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