Let's have some fun baby!

For all of you reading the post, I stick to the title LITERALLY.

A has this handsome 10month old and I am blessed with an 18month old girl. So, most of our telephonic conversations these days are on the activities these two munchkins are involved in. And with experience, I can say you can get the most expensive toys from the market but all your baby at this age will play with is the stuff at home.

Most of the times, I want to engage my daughter in some fun new activity without messing things up and most importantly with the stuff available easily around my living area. So, am gonna list 5 activities which never disappoint πŸ™‚

I strictly advise to not to leave the baby unattended!


This old age game never disappoints and can be played with babies of almost every age.
To make it fun, you can take a fabric of net and place some stickers like stars, animals etc on the cloth. Babies like colours and shapes which makes it super exciting for them.

Almost every baby loves the art of grabbing a pen/marker and paint the world around.Β But how do you deal with the messy walls around without spoiling the fun?
Well, I suggest using an old carton big enough for the baby and make him/her sit in it with a bag full of sketch pens and enjoy the creative artistic side of your baby sitting nearby.
My 18mo old won’t sit in the carton any more so I got this magnetic whiteboard from the dollar store and pasted it on the fridge..gave her a magnetic eraser and a marker. Seems to be enjoying until now πŸ˜€

Next in my list, comes the bubbles. Babies just love them. Period!
Bubble solutions are available almost everywhere in the market and there are also several ways to make your own which can be found easily on the internet.
But you specially need to take care of baby eyes and mouth when you blow and I suggest hiding it somewhere after use so that baby doesn’t try it herself.

For this one, all you need is an empty plastic jar and a plate full of pasta/beans and that is it!
Ask your baby to grab a piece of bean and put it in the jar while you show him/her how to do it. You will be surprised to see how it engages them beautifully and also teaches to organise things at the same time.

Yes! Babies love books but you have to be patient and consistent to know what interests them the most. And by books, I don’t mean the usual fairytale/superhero stories but the colourful fun ones. Some of the books from my baby library are shown in the post picture. My little one just love hers and won’t go to sleep without reading one πŸ™‚


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26 thoughts on “Let's have some fun baby!

  1. These are all good suggestions. I think the first one is one we all played with our babies. It’s a classic. Wow babies are so simple to entertain… It gets harder as they get older it seems.

  2. I agree these are all great ways to engage and occupy your baby in a fun and even educational way. And the things you choose certainly don’t need to cost a lot in order to be effective. Good post.

  3. These sounds like fun games. I don’t have little ones, but enjoy playing games with my cousins little ones. They all definitely love to hear us tell them stories before bed, often times requesting or picking out their favorites for us to read. πŸ™‚

  4. Lovely ideas. Just you need a few little things make kids happy. My five year old loves bubbles and painting. and books are my elder one’s absolute favorite.

  5. Ahh, the joyful memory of having little ones around. My twins loved peek a boo and everything you listed do much. I can remember them laughing till they hiccupped. πŸ™‚

  6. Very informative and fun! Maybe one day I’ll put this to use haha. Sounds like your baby is a true artist!

  7. Books are such a great thing to give to our youth. They teach us so many things and communicate such beauty to our kids. That’s so great you place that as a priority for yours.

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