7 Reasons why you should not!

Recommended by one of the friends, my husband and I started watching this show “13 Reasons why” which has recently gained so much popularity. The drama just ended for us yesternight and I couldn’t resist sharing my views on that. I know am inviting some criticism with the reviews am gonna post and some of you might not like it but that’s my way of commenting on the other side of the story.

This post comes with a spoiler alert!

So, what Hannah Baker did to herself..the reasons she had, it was completely her choice. I am not gonna say if she was right/wrong to do what she did because nobody other than the person in the situation really understands but one has to take into account that every action has its consequences and this doesn’t just end up her life.

I am gonna try and state some reasons on how could have she acted differently to the same situations so that people, especially the young ones who are inspired from the story know that there are different, better ways to handle.

1. Jessica Davis
Every friendship has its ups and downs and high school tests all the grounds of friendship. If we look at the Jessica’s side of story, she was effected emotionally and no two same person behave the same way. No way what Jessica did was right but that is like everyday story in the high school..friendships break and fresh ones start.
Some other characters like Skye or even Clay seem to have gone through the not-so-close-friends kind of phase, its just that they did not record theirs on the tape.

2. Alex Standall
To the youngsters reading this one, when someone do something like that to you…you confront, you DO something about it, not just sit and cry!
Even if you can’t find a way out of it, discuss it with the authorities, parents..someone close. DISCUSS!

3. Zach Dempsey
Yes! How kiddish of you to steal the compliments, supposedly the one good thing happening in her life then!
But seriously? It’s high school after all, you cannot expect an adult behaviour from the kids out there. These things happen very commonly in almost every high just can’t be listing it for suicidal reasons.
Humorously, I remember giving an eye for an eye from my high school days.

4. Justin Foley – Reason II
When Bryce raped Jessica, you were IN the same room and still did not do anything. You did not move, you did not cry for help..nothing! You could have stopped it very easily at that point of time but you didn’t. You just sat there and watched the show and now you blame Justin for not doing anything.
You did not even had the guts to spill it out to Jessica, your once close friend and you blame Justin for not doing anything.
And, while Jessica is busy plotting ways to how to get it out of are busy making a tape as how it became one of the reasons of your suicide.

5. Sheri Holland
Again, not defending Sheri..what she did is unacceptably wrong!
But the way Sheri’s character is shown in the show, she is not of the type who will do that casually. People panic..and the way if effected Hannah, the same way it effected Sheri too. She also felt guilty of taking a person’s life and she was working on that and planned to reveal it to Jeff’s parents someday. But what did Hannah do? Nothing, but record it in a tape which was never intended to be reached out to Jeff’s parents..

6. Clay Jensen
Ok, he was on the tapes for some other reason but what if Clay decided to do something to himself after what Hannah did to him. He did not know what’s going on in Hannah’s life and neither did she knew what’s happening in his! Clay also did not had very close friends, he also was effected mentally and who other than Hannah could have understood it properly..but no, we don’t think that ways because its Hannah recording the tapes.

7. Mr.Porter
You don’t discuss it with your parents, loving parents who understand you fully and are always don’t even think of giving them a chance and go to the counsellor! Fair enough but you make a decision to end your life when he doesn’t come running after you. My dear, I think that decision was already made, you just needed a stamp saying, “I TRIED!”

Some of the people, who were discussed in the show and I did not add here is because I think that the situations might have affected her mentally and left a mark. I have only listed the reasons which I think could have been easily ignored or maybe Hannah was guilty of those too, its just that she did not think it that way.

The sole purpose of this post is to open the eyes of youngsters who get inspiration from Hannah’s stories..there are ways to handle situations and you should learn to tackle!

Discuss with someone you feel close can always find an ear nearby!




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7 thoughts on “7 Reasons why you should not!

  1. I agree. I thought the show romanticised suicide and depression. It was very dramatic to leave these tapes for all her “reasons” and nothing for her parents, who truly, were supportive of her.

  2. I haven’t watched it, there was no real appeal for me, but I’ve got an idea from your comments.

    The thing with taking your life, it’s because you’ve convinced yourself that doing it is for the better of your family, friends and the world. It’s very hard to row back from that conclusion, and you’re very right- talking to people and opening up can help. Sometimes the best therapists are our own friends.

  3. I vehemently disagree with your post. I’ll start with this line: “These things happen very commonly in almost every high just can’t be listing it for suicidal reasons.” Like you stated in your very first paragraph. We aren’t ones to judge. By judging one of Samantha’s reason for killing herself discredits the entire reason of the production. The ultimate goal of the show is to point out that OUR actions affect people. Yes, it might be as little as stealing someone’s compliments, but something as “trivial” as it seems, these actions have a lasting and great impact on other person’s lives. Like it did on Samantha’s.

    Yes, your analysis is intriguing and thought out, but you’re glossing over the fact that this girl DIED because of these actions. Regardless and whether you think they are small or insignificant, they mattered to here. So much so, they compelled her to kill herself. It shows the downward spiral of depression and how easily it is to fall into its grips.

    You’re also victim blaming here, which is something we should never do. Yes, in all these situations ALL parties could’ve behaved differently, but this is what happened. Instead of trying to change the narrative, let’s talk about the gritty truth that’s in front of us. SUICIDE IS PREVALENT AND NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED! The suicide rate is still climbing, so instead of victim blaming we need to get the victims help. Though you and I aren’t trained medical professionals so we cannot offer counseling or other medical services, we can still impact lives by talking about it. One of the reasons Samantha didn’t go to her loving, which you pointed out, is because of the STIGMA behind suicide. She didn’t want to taint her parent’s image of her being the happy, wonderful daughter they had. She didn’t want people to worry about her because she herself believed that these problems were insignificant and its because people react to them just like you are. If we had more counseling in schools and freely talked about mental illness, experts say suicide would decrease. That youth, and people of all ages for that matter, would be getting the help they need because it’s no longer taboo and it’s OK to talk about it.

    “13 Reasons Why” is the stepping stone to removing the taboo from suicide and mental illness. It’s time to talk about it. It’s time to listen and learn from each other. This show is the beginning to change how we look at suicide. It also makes us take a long, hard look in the mirror to see if we’re our best versions of ourselves.

    1. That is what the point of the post is..Quoting you, “The ultimate goal of the show is to point out that OUR actions affect people.”, the show did not really point out how Hannah’s decision affected other people’s lives specially her parents..yeah! they were sad, I mean everyone will be but focus was not that..Claire decided to move on!
      I agree on the part that we are nobody to judge, but we should be creating awareness on how important it is to talk..she should have talked to her parents, to Claire and yes! the consellor (which she…). The whole idea of the post is to highlight how important it is to share what you feel rather than highlighting why she did what she did because some of the reasons happen very commonly in our daily lives.

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