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5 free photo editing apps for your smartphone



With the advancement in smartphones and social media, photo editing became a necessity!

I am not a photo editing pro myself, no idea about what the different modes in camera are for; but I like to play with pictures..making adjustments, adding different filters..whatever it takes to make the final output look nice 🙂

So, am going to list 5 photo editing apps which comes to my daily use(Yes! I click a lot of pictures daily  :P):

1. PicsArt
PicsArt is my goto app specially when it comes to the editing of pictures for the blog as apart from the normal filters it also offers some good artistic, pop art filters. I also love it for its features like shape crop (where you can crop an image in a circle, square etc), adding text, call out, creating stickers so that you can add to different images later and many more. And most importantly, it also gives you an option to add/remove watermark while saving your picture…what more can you ask for!

2. Snapseed
I like snapseed specially for its features which helps in correcting a picture “technically” like adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation etc. What makes Snapseed different from the other apps is, it actually helps in healing a picture like you can increase the brightness in a specific area, can blur a selected portion and can also increase/decrease the intensity of blurring and most amazingly, you can actually delete that awkward street pole out of the picture using its ‘healing’ effect.

3. Instagram
This one needs no introduction, as everyone already knows what instagram does! I like instagram specially when you just click and post the picture to this amazing community without having to edit in a different platform first.

4. Repix
I have recently come across this app and looks good to me specially for portraits or group photos. Apart from some great filters, photo enhancement features; this app also gives you an option to add flares, raindrops, drips etc to your photo which I find different from what we already have in market.

5. Jusgramm/Color Cap
This app helps in giving that special effect to your texts, specially for the quotes. They have some really cool preset backgrounds, font options, frames and no watermark. Nice app to go to if you have to play around your texts!

We will really like to hear about your favourite apps to go to when it comes to photo editing, sharing is caring after all 🙂

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32 thoughts on “5 free photo editing apps for your smartphone

  1. Snapseed is very convenient for me to use since I only use my mobile for my blog and instagram photos. No need to transfer files to edit and it does the job really well. 🙂

  2. Thank you. I’ve been looking for new good photo editor app. It I just. Ever know what’s gonna be good. I’m gonna look into these.

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