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Lip Scrub: Do's, Dont's and DIY!

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We, at besties, have always been a fan of homemade natural products specially when it comes to skincare. If you have been following us for a while, you should be able to recall posts related to homemade face masks, DIY makeup remover, uses of coconut oil and our personal favourite Indulge in night masks.

Today’s post is all about the homemade Lip scrub!

Lip Scrub, now what’s that?

Like we scrub the dead layers off our skin, a lip scrub is used to scrub exterior layer of our lips to keep it smooth. A lip scrub uses a gritty substance to exfoliate the surface layers when rubbed on the lips, and we suggest a homemade one so that you know about the ingredients, which are generally safe if ingested.

Advantages of using a Lip Scrub

  • Removes dead surface of your lips bringing out new fresh layers, making lips soft and smooth.
  • Your lipsticks, lip gloss will last longer when applied on a smooth surface.
  • Helps in preventing cracked lips, specially during winters.


It is recommended to scrub your lips at least once a week, and more during winters as winter tend to dry your lips even more.
Simply, put some lip scrub on your index finger and start rubbing in a gentle circular motion..wipe off with a warm damp towel.

DIY Sugar Coconut Lip Scrub

All you need

  • Cane Sugar – 1tbsp
  • Organic Coconut Oil -1tbsp
  • Raw Honey – 1tbsp
  • Lavender oil (optional)


  • Mix all the ingredients together and voila! you have your lip scrub ready.

Tip: We suggest making in small batches, so that it remains fresh!

DIY Blueberry Sugar Lip Scrub

All you need

Cane Sugar – 1tbsp Vitamin E Oil -1/2 tbsp (2 capsules) 5-6 frozen blueberries


  • Place blueberries in a sealed ziploc bag in a freezer until dried (usually takes around 2-3hrs.)
  • Using a rolling pin, crush the bluberries.
  • Mix and all the ingredients, and the lip scrub is ready!


We will be adding more DIYs on the same as we keep keep checking!

Love your skin!


DIY Lip scrub


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25 thoughts on “Lip Scrub: Do's, Dont's and DIY!

  1. I was very interested to read this as I was thinking about buying a lip scrub today, I actually thought they were all edible so thats not good if you dont know whats in them. Its great that you can so easily make a lip scrub-thanks for the recipe!

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