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Essential oils are trending these days. While we listen and read about them every now and then but many of us are confused as to what they actually are and what can they actually be used for. I am no expert myself but I have used few of these and hence, I’ll be sharing some of the ways these oils can be used to target certain problems.essential Oil

Essential oils are extremely concentrated oils extracted from flowers and leaves of certain plants. Due to their high concentrated nature, it is suggested to always use them in a dilute form and not directly onto your skin.

There is a vast variety of essential oils present in the market, I would only be listing the few which I have tried out myself.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is known for its aromatic fragrance due to which it has made its way in the world of aroma therapy and various beauty products. Apart from it’s divine fragrance, lavender also possesses stress relieving properties. It can be used in various ways to help reduce stress levels and provide relaxation to our mind. Below are few ways in which I like to use lavender essential oil.

  • Aromatherapy – We all know we can use lavender essential oil in aroma diffuser to create a nice, aromatic and relaxing atmosphere. Apart from this, we can also add few drops of this oil in our creams, shampoos to add that scent of lavender.
  • Stress Relief – For a stronger stress relief remedy, put 2-3 drops of this oil on a handkerchief and place it on your night stand before going to sleep. Alternatively, you can make a solution of few drops of  lavender essential oil with water and spritz it on your pillow. This will work all night to calm your mind and lower your stress levels.
  •  Bath Soak – Add few drops of this oil combined with some Epsom salt to your hot bath tub and soak in it for a very relaxing bath.
  • Homemade Lip Scrub – Lavender essential oil can also be used across many skin care DIYs. Check out one such great tip shared by V in her earlier post – Lip Scrub: Do’s, Dont’s and DIY!

Rosemary Essential Oil

This is one of my favorites. Rosemary is has a woody and refreshing smell and is a blessing for hair. It is used in various ways like aroma therapy, hair products and facial cleansing.

Being a victim of tremendous hair fall issues, I know what it is to have found your ultimate solution.

  • Aromatherapy – Due to its musty woody fragrance, it is used in oil diffusers to uplift the atmosphere and make it fragrant and aromatic.
  • Reduces Hair Fall – I add 3-4 drops of this oil in my hair oil (can be any hair oil) and massage the mixture onto my scalp 2 hours before going for bath. After washing, hair feel soft and nice. Regular use of this oil in hair oil solves hair fall problems and makes the hair healthier looking. Check out our DIY recipe for hair fall issues with this oil – DIY Oil for Hair Fall
  • Natural Hair Care – Add few drops in your shampoo/conditioner to enhance the their effect on our hair.

Tea Tree Essential Oils

Tea tree essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils. Due to it’s high anti-bacterial properties, it is used in treating various problems of hair and skin.

  • Reduces Dandruff – Tea tree oil works a great deal for curing dandruff problems. Just add 3-4 drops of this oil in your hair oil and massage 2 hours before going for bath. regular usage reduces and ultimately removes dandruff leaving behind a healthy and breathing scalp.
  • Treats Acne – Tea tree oil is great for fading blemishes on skin and curing acne problems. Add 2-3 drops of this oil in your night cream and use normally. You will wake up to a clearer skin everyday.
  • Fades Scars and Blemishes – Add 2-3 drops of this  oil in a scoop of aloe vera gel and apply evenly on your cleansed skin at night. Keep on for 15 mins, rinse off and apply your night cream. This again helps fading scars and blemishes and healing acne.
  • Remove Bad Odor – To get rid of bad odor, add few drop of this oil in your diffuser and there you go!
  • Linen Freshner – Add few drops of this oil in water and spritz this solution on towels/curtains/bedsheets/linen to freshen them up.
  • Cure Foot Fungus – Mix few drop of this oil with any oil of your choice – coconut, olive, mustard etc and massage on foot. This will gradually remove fungus and prevent it from growing again.

These are few essential oils and their DIYs that I  have used so far and liked them too. We hope this post is helpful to you in the same fashion.

For more uses of essential oils combined with coconut oil, you can check out our post – 10 Uses of Coconut Oil

We will be adding more essential oils to our page as and when we try them out.



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