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Today’s post idea is a result of last night conversation between me and my husband where we were discussing about M’s (who is two years old now) first flight to India which happened to be around 10 weeks of her age..still remember feeling anxiety, nervousness, goosebumps and what all ( the way, M was fine all along 😀)!

Adding it to our parenting section, A and I bring along some travelling tips for our fellow mommy readers!

Bassinet Seat

First and foremost, try and get hold of a bassinet seat if you are travelling with a baby. Along with the bassinet, the seat gives you extra leg space to stretch your legs while the baby is sleeping and even if your baby is not comfortable with the bassinet, it comes handy for that extra stuff like toys, blankets etc. you are holding.
Most of the airlines help you book the bassinet seat, next time you book your tickets, mention that you are travelling with a baby and request for a bassinet seat and if you are booking your tickets online, we suggest calling them separately and request for one!

For the mothers travelling with toddlers, I came across this really useful product called Plane Pal. I still have to try it on M but sounds like a promising one and have heard some great reviews!

Diaper Bag

This is my bag of tricks while travelling with the little one. Apart from lots of diapers, you will find a nursing cover (if you are breastfeeding) or feeding bottles, extra clothing (recommend carrying those extra layers as it’s usually cold), blanket, some snacks and fluids (if the little one has started on solids) and all the diaper changing material like changing mat, wet wipes, nappy cream.

Breastfeeding pillow

This is one thing that comes to a rescue specially when you have a baby who won’t lie in a bassinet. The wrap-around pillow helps in maintaining the position while feeding and if you have a baby less than 4 months old, he/she can sleep easily on the pillow while you have your hands free.

Pack for playtime

Entertained baby, happy mother and a good flight! 🙂

Never ever forget to pack for the playtime! It’s better to keep the toys your little one associates with like his/her favourite bunny, maybe the book and the sleep toys.
I came across this very good activity of wrapping the toy in plastic wrap and asking your little one to open activity as it keeps him/her engaged and it usually take some time to open the wrap!
I usually, am not in favour of using technology as an entertainer but I do keep some child friendly videos on my “fully-charged” phone/tablet before taking off an airplane and yeah! candies come in that cheat list too.

Take child’s sleeping time into account

Not necessarily, but if you can –  try scheduling your trip around baby’s sleeping time. A well rested baby is more likely to make the experience better!

Remember: every baby is different and we are still learning when it comes to babies..please feel free to advise on your experiences in the comment section below!

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