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Ang-Tatva – 100% Organic Skincare Review

It cannot be emphasized enough that organic skincare is a boon for us. As you already might know, V and I have always been inclined towards natural products be it skin care, food or anything for that matter. This interest in organic products of ours makes us keep looking for new and effective products which cater to our skin in the most natural way possible.

Recently I have been using a number of products from this brand called Ang-Tatva and I have been loving them to the core. It is an Indian organic skincare brand which promises its products to be 100% natural besides of-course being highly effective. All the products that I have tried so far feel absolutely yummy(lol!). They feel so natural and are very effective on a regular use. From the many products that I have tried, I will be reviewing the ones that I absolutely loved and will be repurchasing.

Face Scrubs

 Ang-Tatva has an elaborate range of skin exfoliating products which are effective in removing the dead skin, cleaning the pore impurities and resurfacing that natural sheen. My favorites from the ones I tried out would be Scrub-Off and Coffee Bean scrub. The packaging is simple as they come in simple plastic jar bottles where you use a clean spoon to scoop out the required product. The texture of both of these is gritty but gentle and soft enough for your face. While scrub-off is a regular scrub that you can use weekly to kick-start your facial regime, I like to save coffee bean scrub for special occasions. Single use of this scrub makes my skin glow like I have used a highlighter. Mix it up with some aloe vera gel and you have shining moisturized skin.

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Face Masks

From the many face masks they have, I have used their charcoal, ashwagandga, glow worm and lightening face mask. While each of them serve different purpose, I particularly loved Ashwagandha and Charcoal variants. Packaging of these is same as scrubs with broad mouth plastic jar bottles. Ashwagandha  proved very effective in reducing pigmentation on my face. You may want to be cautious while washing this one off, it tastes bitter if it goes into mouth. Charcoal face mask is probably one of their best products and definitely the best of all the charcoal products that I have tried so far. It is a simple black fine powder that you mix with rose water to form a smooth paste. It might end up drying your face a bit but it does what it promises – detoxification. My face felt so clean and refreshed right from its first use. Follow this mask with a moisturizer and you cannot stop feeling awesome!

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D-Tan Duo

I am always on the lookout for tan removal products for those beach vacations which leave me totally tanned. I am very prone to getting tanned and this D-Tan face scrub and D-Tan face mask helped me a great deal. I used this set after a vacation and all my tanning was gone by the end of 4th day. The scrub is gentle and removes the dirt sitting on top of the skin layer. The mask tingle a bit on application, makes me feel its working :). A must try for those who are prone to easy tanning.

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Organic Rose Water

Hands down the best organic rose water available in the market. I somehow feel that Ang-Tatva masks work better with this rose water instead of others. It has got thicker a consistency compared to other rose waters I have used before. Apart from adding in face masks, I also use it to spritz all over my face few times a day. It hydrates well and helps reduce pore size. A must-try product!

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Herby Wash

This one is an all natural soap free cleanser that you mix a tsp with few drops of water, massage onto your face and rinse off to say hello to a perfectly cleansed face! It really does the job pretty well and gives me a good feel considering the fact that it does not have any chemicals whatsoever. I prefer to use it on alternate days owing to its exfoliating nature. You should definitely give it a shot if you haven’t tried any soap free cleanser so far, worth the try!

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We think this is a good and clean organic beauty products’ brand. We hope this review helps you in some or the other way. If you do try out these products. we would love yo know you liked them.


Stay Beautiful!


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27 thoughts on “Ang-Tatva – 100% Organic Skincare Review

  1. I LOVE a good coffee scrub. It wakes up the skin and makes me feel so refreshed. I’ve tried rose water before, not really knowing how to use it. HA! I’d spray a little in my hair and it kept my hair smelling great all day.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  2. I forgot to buy my wife a gift for Valentine’s Day. I only took her out to lunch. This organic skincare kit will definitely be a great gift to save my bacon. I hope that you don’t mind me borrowing this as a gift giving idea.

  3. Face masks have totally been my thing lately! I have had some really good ones and some not so good ones. These sound amazing! I love that they come with a brush as well. This brand sounds like its right up my ally. definitely checking it out xx

  4. I would love to give the face scrub a try! I love how this is all organic. Chemicals can do more harm than good to our skin so I’m glad to see more companies using natural ingredients.

  5. I love supporting brands that are all natural or organic. I think they do great for our skin’s health. This one’s definitely a must try, they have a range of products that can help you take good care of your skin!

  6. I have been moving more and more towards all Naty products for everything in my life. I live the idea of all natural skin care and plan to look into most, if not all of these.


  7. These products sound wonderful. I have never really had a cleansing routine for my face simply because I have never really needed one.

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