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Top Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

How important makeup is for women, I do not think any amount of words can describe it adequately. And it breaks our heart when those sought after makeup products break or stop working unexpectedly. If this sounds anything that is going on in your life, not to worry. We have you covered. We have compiled for you a list of beauty hacks which will come to your rescue in various situation for fixing up your beauty products.

  1. Dried up Gel Liner – A cracked dried up looking gel eye liner is not a treat at all. To revamp a dried liner, put 2-3 drops of baby oil or almond oil into the pot and give it a good swirl using a tooth pick and there you go. The liner is as good as new. One tip while using a gel liner is to use a damp brush for application. This gives a smooth application and beautiful finish.
  2. Layer on top of powder blush/eye shadow – This was real heart breaker for me. My M.A.C blush just stopped working and I had no idea why. Well it turns out that after some use, oil from your skin can accumulate on powder products and because of that they stop giving out any pigment. The solution is pretty simple.  Take a strip of cello/scotch tape and stick and remove from all the areas of product in the pan. This will remove the dead layer and your favorite beauty product is ready to be used again.
  3. Thickened Nail Paint – This is probably most frequent thing that happens, at least with me. Every other day I have a nail pain pot that is slightly thickened. For a nail paint that is only slightly thick, run under hot water for 2-3 mins and shake well. That should do it. For little more thick nil paints, add few drops of nail paint remover preferably one with acetone. Give it a good shake and done.
  4. Eye lash curler won’t curl the lashes – This is a great hack when you’re in a hurry and eye lash curler won’t work effectively. All you need to do is to warm up your curler in front of dryer for a minute and then curl your lashes. Voila!
  5. Dried up Mascara – As you might know already, mascaras are not to be used beyond 3-6 months of duration depending on the frequency of your usage. But if your mascara dries up before it’s time is over, simply add few drops of eye lens solution to it, give it a swirl and shake and done. Your mascara is as good as new.

These were some of the beauty hacks which have come to our rescue and proved useful. We hope they prove helpful to you as well and and you never have to throw another broken beauty product!

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18 thoughts on “Top Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

  1. Geeez! Such beauty hacks! I always have to buy new nail paint each and every time since mine gets to thicken as soon . I think they lied to me when they told me that I should add 2 drops of kerosene and shake!Ha-ha! I’m definitely going to be trying your way and see how it goes.

  2. Great tips. I only knew and used the nail polished one. I used to buy many many colors and never end up using them all, so they would dry out. It’s good to know the rest as well.

  3. These are some absolutely amazing hacks. I am loving the nail paint one – I don’t use it often so it never seems that great condition I need to try this next time.

  4. Those are all awesome beauty hacks. I really don’t know most of these especially the dried out gel liner because I don’t use it often. I’ll be sure to take note of them!

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