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A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries and are appreciated for their countless benefits. Packed with natural nutrients, essential oils possess remarkable nourishing ability and work wonders for the skin and hair. The skin-perfecting properties of essential oils make them a preferred choice in a range of cosmetic products. Essential oils also have much to offer for the hair. With the intense moisturizing and conditioning ability, they can nurture the hair strands for a truly gorgeous look.

Eager to reap the myriad benefits of essential oils?

Let us begin by gaining a better understanding of what essential oils are and why they are considered as a magical ingredient for the skin and hair.

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds obtained from different parts of plants. The oils are highly concentrated with a distinct fragrance and are renowned for their powerful benefits. Each essential oil is extracted by a different method and is very different from fatty oils. Essential oils can be used topically and are easily absorbed by the skin. However, since essential oils are strong, it is best to use them in combination with a carrier oil. With their powerful fragrance, essential oils are also used to create different types of blends. They can be conveniently used in diffusers to uplift the mood of any space with their invigorating aroma.

There is a complete selection of essential oils and each oil is recognized for its distinct characteristics and benefits. This implies that choosing the right essential oil requires careful consideration. If you are new to the world of essential oils and wondering where exactly to begin with, the following guide can take you through the process of selecting the right essentials oil.

Ways to choose the right essential oil

Identify your concern

To begin with, it is important to have clarity about your problem. Are you struggling with oily skin, dry patches or frizzy hair? Figuring out your problem will help you pick an essential that best serves your need. Oils like Lavender can be conveniently used on all skin types while Orange and Lemon essential oils are perfect for oily skin. If you have dry skin, essential oils like Geranium and Sandalwood are ideal.

Create effective essential oil blends

Essentials oils are enriched with nutrients and combining certain oils can enable you to enhance the effectiveness. Each oil has certain distinct properties and based on your needs, you can combine oils to reach rich benefits. You need to experiment with different blends to figure out one that best works for you. You also need to remember that a particular blend that works for someone else may not necessarily be the best choice for you. There are various essential oils blends available in the market. However, it is not possible to determine the exact proportion of the oils in such blends. If you are sure, you can go ahead with it. This may save you from buying individual oils and creating blends at home. If you are not, it is best to experiment with the oils yourself to gather an understanding of the properties of the oil. This process will help you prepare a blend that best suits your skin.

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Use genuine essential oils

To reap the maximum amount of benefit from an essential oil, you need to ensure its purity. There are essential oils available from different brands, but some of these contain additives that can do more harm than good. Moreover, the presence of chemicals and the refining process employed can rob an essential oil of its natural goodness. Therefore, make sure to buy oils from a reliable brand. Do not compromise on quality for availing a great deal.

With the above tips, you can pick the best essential oil and start enjoying its incredible benefits.

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22 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

  1. This post is great and very informative. Someone I work with just started using essential oils and brings them in to share with the rest of us. She has an oil or combination of oils for pretty much everything!

  2. I bought a set of essential oils last year and I love them! I’ve made lavender spray to spritz on my pillow just before bed, as well as household cleaning products (I love me some A Bowl Full of Lemons household cleaning To Do’s). 🙂

  3. I am such a big fan and user of essential oils because of their benefits and scents. And your post is so informative for the beginners.

  4. i love essential oils, they def play a big role in my life. i use them in just about everything from my baths, to my homemade sea salt hairspray. Even when I have a headache I reach for peppermint essential oil.

  5. I swear by using essential oils in my house. Quality oils make a huge difference when applying them topically. This was very informative.

  6. I am a fanatic about my eos. I have them diffusing in three rooms as I type. But you have to learn these basics to get the most out of them and stay safe. I love buying them when I travel too.

  7. I have been using essential oils for about 3 months and they are great! The vanilla one is so relaxing, I have a lemon one in the living room and its soothing as well. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. I’ve just started my essential oils journey and appreciate the good information here. It’s so important, too, for people to use them safely and do their homework. 🙂

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