10 Ways to Use Google Home

Google home is a member in almost every family these days. And while we love having a voice assistant, we often do not know how to make good use of it.

Let’s start by introducing Google home. Google home is a voice assistant and speaker for your home. Assistant to help in your daily activities and speaker to shout out loud and play music. You simply ask it different questions and it responds in a manual tone. It plays all kinds of sounds and music, stores data for you, sets your alarms and reminders, play news for you and tells you the weather forecast. It can be activated by following commands:

  • OK Google
  • Hey Google

Interesting enough, we discovered it can also be activated if you say “Goo Goo” instead of Google.

Google home can be managed using Google Home app. It can also be integrated with your devices to perform manual actions like making coffee, turning lights off/on, setting up thermostat and playing different channels on TV. For a detailed list of what devices can be used, you can refer this link –ย Devices to Integrate.

Here is a list of commands we use to enjoy the features of Google home in our daily lives:

Hey Google, how’s the weather outside

We use this command almost every time we have to step out. Not just your own city, you can ask the weather for any part of the world, helps planning vacations ๐Ÿ˜‰

OK Google, wake me up at 8 in the morning

Set your age old morning alarms with ease. Its loud enough that you won’t need a snooze!

Hey Goo Goo, play a lullaby

This one puts my baby to sleep. It plays soft lullabies with gentle music. Can also use to play rhymes, my kiddo absolutely loves them.

Hey Google, add tomatoes to grocer list

Feel free to add items to your shopping list on the go. The list keep getting long and can be accessed through your google play app when you go out shopping.

OK Google, play party songs

It plays all kinds of songs. It works even better if you have a YouTube Red subscription because then you can play a specific song as well. Nonetheless, pair it with you phone with “Hey Google, pair a bluetooth device” and you can play songs from your phone.

Hey Google, how does a dinosaur sound

Oh Yes! It plays all kinds of animals/birds/music instruments. The sounds come to rescue to calm down a crying child. My kiddo giggles on the sound of a monkey!

OK Google, play relaxation sounds

This one is my absolute favorite. When the lights are off, play relaxation sound and it gives you most peaceful sleep. It plays different relaxation sounds like fire, water, airplane, insects. You can always ask google to stop playing the sounds after sometime. We prefer to set for 30 minutes.

Hey Goo Goo, tell us a joke

Yeah, it is humorous too. Ask for a joke or fun fact and enjoy a laugh.

Hey Google, how long will it take to reach work

Plan ahead for the traffic that you are going to face before stepping out of the house. This is my husbands daily command before he leaves for office.

OK Google,ย  remind me to call mom

If you forget small things just like me, Google home has got your back. Just tell it to remind you something and it will do so at the time you want to.

Apart from these, you can play quiz, games, and what not. The list is never ending, we are still exploring too!

These are some of the commands that we use on a daily basis. While we still continue to explore the very vast features it offers. If you use Google Home too, we would love to know what you do with it!

Here are some fun products to amp up your Google Home experience.


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27 thoughts on “10 Ways to Use Google Home

  1. These articles are always fun. I have an Amazon echo, but I love the monthly emails they send with new tricks and letting the users know another way to use the device with the majority of tips all new to me. There are so many ways to use these things, I will never know them all, but it’s nice to try a few new ones every month.

  2. I have a smart device similar to this and love it! I have been on the fence about google home but guess it is worth a shot!

  3. What a wonderful post! I’ve wanted something like this, I want to get one for my mom. She isn’t the typical grandma, she likes technology. She would love this. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My roommate had Alexa and we used it every time to ask for time and play music on youtube. I am a g=huge Google fan. So definitely I am going to get it soon

    1. They aren’t absolutely needed but you should know about them before you buy. So you’re fine๐Ÿ˜Š

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