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Plane Pal: Upgrade your Kid’s comfort Review

Happiness is – when your 2year old sleeps throughout the 8hr long flight and even if not sleeping, just enjoys the in-flight entertainment all by herself without bothering you! Too good to be true?!!

Well, today at besties, we are reviewing one such product which came as a blessing on the recent flight from Singapore to Prague – Plane Pal. Here is our review of the product.

The Plane Pal is an inflatable travel pillow that allows your kids to stretch out and sleep in comfort while traveling in economy class.


Compact and Lightweight

The full kit plane pal comes with an inflatable pillow, pump and a travel backpack which in total weighs around 1.3kgs. Though, the backpack is easy to carry but can also be fit in your hand luggage if you don’t want to carry separately.

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Quick and Easy to set up

It took us around 2minutes to set it up. You place the deflated pillow on the floor in front of your child’s seat and inflate it with the help of pump provided. Deflation takes only few seconds where you just open the valves.


Most of the times, kids in the flight get cranky coz they cannot get enough comfortable sleep. Plane pal comes to your rescue here as inflated plane pal reaches the level of the seat (as shown in the picture) making it a flat surface for your child to lie down. Though plane pal is suitable for kids aged 2-8yrs, it might be difficult for older kids to lie down straight but it sure does gives the extra space to relax those legs while sitting.
Bonus, I found it comfortable for me as I could set my leg to one side of it while my little one was sleeping πŸ˜‰

Flying with kid,flying with toddler, fly tot, fly pillow
levels down to your seat


Fly tot, flying with baby, fly pillow
When they say, a picture is worth 1000 words πŸ™‚


Source: Plane Pal

The flight was way more bearable with Plane pal, as my lo could easily play/sleep in her own area.
Based on the experience, we highly recommend the product for parents who travel a lot with their kids. You might also want to check our post onΒ Flying with a toddlerΒ to make your flying experience better!

Shop Plane Pal

Mommies in US can order Plane Pal here:

Mommies in India and Singapore can order directly from Plane Pal’s website here (they charge extra shipping to deliver in India)

Note: Although, plane pal is approved for over 41 airlines, you might want to check with your airlines first before travelling.

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22 thoughts on “Plane Pal: Upgrade your Kid’s comfort Review

    1. Yes! Although, it was made mainly for children 2-8year old but adults can also use it as it can take max weight of 90kgs πŸ™‚

  1. Oh that’s too cool. comfort is everyrthing especially with toddlers! I’ll check that one. Great find for frequent travellers.

  2. This looks like a very useful thing to bring when we travel with the toddler. I remember when I was travelling with my third daughter. She was 3 yrs old. She was standing up on the plane corridor while the plane was taking up, OMG! Thank you for the review.

  3. This sounds like a great idea when travelling with little ones! I will have to make sure we have a couple when we go on our next trip

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